It’s simple and easy!  A Revolutionary Smoking Device!

What Else? MyClean Air Features:

  • This smoking device is made from ABS plastic, designed to be durable for everyday use
  • It’s a real travel mug, holding 10 oz of your favorite beverage
  • Rechargeable with micro USB charger included
  • Ashtray catches ash and butts
  • Replaceable filter, lasts about one month for the average user
  • Additional mouth pieces giving a variety of heights

Here’s how the MyCleanAir travel mug works:

  • Remove the outer sleeve and insert your cigarette in the core
  • Replace the outer sleeve, press the ignitor button
  • Inhale through the inhale port and exhale through the exhale port
  • Cigarette stays lit just like normal, ash falls into ashtray
  • Purchase a MyCleanAir Cup Here!

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