MyCleanAir Cup


Introducing MyCleanAir. A revolutionary, new device providing freedom for the smoker and those around them. Now you can discretely light and smoke a real cigarette just about any time and anywhere you choose.
Discretely designed as a travel cup, MyCleanAir captures and eliminates all the smoke and smell of a cigarette and all the second-hand smoke. It's freedom for the smoker and those around them!

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  • Removable outer sleave seals the smoke in and yet provides easy access
  • Convenient, self-contained lighting system
  • Rechargeable Battery (lasts for over 100 cigarettes)
  • Charge using standard, micro USB charger just like your cell phone (cable included)
  • Integrated ashtray and butt storage
  • Advanced, multi-stage filter system with replaceable filters captures the smoke and the smell
  • Second mouth port for exhaling second-hand smoke through the filter
  • Actually works as a travel mug for liquids as well

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