How to Smoke in A Car

How to Avoid the Effects of Second Hand Smoking

Americans want to learn how to avoid the effects of second hand smoking. Over the past several years, there has been a significant change in attitude against public smoking. Back in 2003, only 31% of Americans favored banned smoking in public places, while that number jumped up to 56% in favor by the year 2011, according to a Gallup poll .Cigarette smoking is at an all time low, perhaps due in part to smoking bans that have existed for many years now in the form of Clean Indoor Air Acts.  The majority of the 50 United States have banned smoking in public places such as restaurants, most workplaces, many college and university campuses, and state operated gambling sites. The thought behind this is that maybe because young people have not grown up seeing people smoke almost everywhere they go, that perhaps this has made them less inclined to take up the habit themselves.

But what about the die hard smoker? What are they to do in a world where there are fewer and fewer places that they can light up?  While banned smoking has been put into effect to protect the health of those with respiratory conditions as well as to protect the health of the general population, it can still feel threatening if you are a smoker.

Most recently, some states are also making it illegal to smoke in a vehicle with small children present. So what is a smoker to do when they now find themselves banned from smoking in public places as well as their own vehicle?

A good solution for this problem is the revolutionary travel mug known as MyCleanAir. This product allows the smoker to enjoy a cigarette, while trapping all of the harmful second hand smoke and preventing it from getting into the air. MyCleanAir actually has a built in lighter and also acts as a handy container for butts and ashes which can be emptied later. When the smoker is ready to exhale, they simply do so into the mug where the smoke becomes trapped and contained. All of the smoke and cigarette odor is confined within the mug, allowing the smoker to remain in the same area with others without negatively impacting them. Smokers will no longer need to leave their house to brave the rain or bitter cold to avoid exposing their family to secondhand smoke. This is an innovative product that gives a sense of freedom back to smoker, while at the same protecting others.