MyCleanAir – A Revolutionary Cigarette Smoking Device

How long does a filter last?
A filter should last at least a month for the average smoker.

How do I get replacement filters?
You can order a filter each month or do a subsription where we will send you a filter automatically each month. Remember, the filter is the heart of the product, it needs to be replaced reqularly to be effective.

Is it legal for me to smoke in public places with a MyCleanAir?
When used properly, MyCleanAir eliminates all smoke and smell. So, no one will know you are smoking, however, we are not telling you to smoke in public.

Is the MyCleanAir dishwasher safe?
No, MyCleanAir is NOT dishwasher safe.

How do I clean the drinking part of the MyCleanAir?
Put caps on inhale/exhale ports and use provided bottle washer along with mild dish soap.

How long will it take to charge the MyCleanAir?
It will fully charge overnight.

How long will it take MyCleanAir Cup to arrive after I order?
Delivery will be within 7 business days of date of order.
Return Policy/ Warranty?
30 day return policy on workmanship and functionality.  Damage to unit not covered.  Shipping of replacement unit or parts will be covered by MyCleanAir. 

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