About MyCleanAir Cup

Smoking with MyCleanAir includes several things:

  • Respecting the rights and freedoms of the smoker to smoke and giving them access back into their life
  • Respecting the rights and freedoms of the non-smoker, from being negatively impacted by cigarette smoke
  • Respecting or caring for the environment

MyCleanAir is a cigarette smoking device that carefully filters out all the tobacco smoke and smell, allowing for the smoker to participate in activities that they may not have done in the past. With MyCleanAir, the smoker can make dinner, help the kids with their homework, watch a movie or do whatever they choose to…all the while caring for the wellbeing of the non-smokers around them. Now the smoker can engage their family, friends and community without having to constantly disconnect to smoke.

MyCleanAir cares about the environment. Through the replaceable filtering system, MyCleanAir stops the smoke and smell from going into the surrounding environment. Additionally, the number one cause of liter in the world is non-biodegradable cigarette butts, where millions of pounds each year wash into the oceans. MyCleanAir catches the ash and butts and has created a simple and easy way for them to be recycled into useful manufactured items. With MyCleanAir, a smoker can feel good about caring for the environment with little effort. So, if you are a smoker, or live with a smoker or know a smoker, be caring and buy a MyCleanAir. It’s freedom for the smoker and those around them.

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